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Short Courses

UWC colleges, schools and national committees run short programmes to take UWC’s mission and values to a wider audience. You can find out more information on these programmes in this section. Most programmes take place over two to three weeks in the months of July and August and cover topics including youth leadership, sustainability and intercultural understanding.  Application criteria varie depending on the programme.

United World College Short Courses foster international understanding and personal development by encouraging young people, selected on the basis of merit, to:

  1. Interact in a challenging and stimulating environment with others from a diverse mix of cultures.
  2. Take responsibility for their own actions both as individuals and as members of a community.
  3. Actively participate in community service and develop their understanding of chosen course themes.

Course workshops encompassing such diverse subjects as Conflict Resolution, Intercultural Integration, Marine Biology, Eco-tourism and Leadership have greatly influenced many of the students, helping them to develop a more global view of the issues relevant to our times. Much emphasis is also placed on ‘training to train', whereby participants learn to lead similar workshops when they return to their own communities.

All graduates of UWC Short Courses are integral members of the UWC international movement and maintain a very active Short Course Graduate Network. Lifelong friendships have been formed and annual reunions have led to the continued growth and development of the Network and its activities.

Please visit this site regularly for updates on new short courses and to see how you can apply.