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Life at a UWC 

Is there medicial assistance at the UWC Colleges?

Yes. All UWC colleges have medical facilities, including in-house doctor and nurses. In addition to that, some scholarships offer medical insurance for students, although the terms and conditions of the insurance packages vary between colleges. Most insurance packages do not include dental and vision services.

Do all students live on-campus?

Yes. All students live on residences that belong to the colleges. Most of these are situated within the college campus, with the exception of UWC Adriatic and UWC Mostar that have residences in the surrounding community.

What is the day-to-day life of a UWC student?

Most colleges have the academic classes in the morning, and some laboratory work may go into the afternoon. Afternoons and evenings are reserved for extra curricular activities such as sports, arts, community service etc. Classes are held Monday to Friday, and weekends are days when students can engage in a wide variety of activities (academic and extra curricular).

What is the official language of UWC?

For the most UWC colleges, English is the official language. UWC Costa Rica is the only bilingual college, where both English and Spanish are used.

Language proficiency in either Spanish or English is not a requirement for entry into the colleges.

When enrolled, are students allowed to choose what subjects to take at the UWCs?

Yes, however, the choice to choose is not complete. Students must choose subjects according to IB program rules and according to availability of said subjects in each college. For more details on the IB program rules, please check the college website.

Information for Parents

What is my role in my child´s application procedure?

Your main role, as a parent, is to support the candidate´s application. In the application instructions we encourage that candidates seek guidance from adults, although it is important that the application genuinely reflects the personality and vision of the candidate him/herself.

Who is responsible for the student while they are attending a UWC?

When attending school, the UWC has power of attorney to take decisions related to the students´ well-being. In practice, however, all colleges have tutors and residential directors (usually teachers who live on the campus of the college). These tutors and residential directors follow the students closely and take on the role of counselors. They promote informal meetings with the students they are responsible for, and try to give them a sense of being at "home".

What do UWC scholarships cover in terms of costs?

Scholarships may cover all or part of the cost of tuition, boarding, school supplies, meals and activities organized by the college. Each year, the national committee provides clear information about what is covered and what isn’t on the places offered.

Is there a phone number when can use to call the national committee for more information about UWC?

Since UWC Mozambique National Committee is managed by volunteers in their free time (therefore often in post-work hours) we prefer to receive emails requesting additional information. During the application period, however, we will organize public information sessions in person, generally in Maputo, which can be attended by parents and prospective candidates alike.

Information for Candidates

Do I have to pay to apply for a scholarship?

No. UWC Mozambique does not charge any fees for prospective candidates to apply for scholarships.

What does the selection committee look for?

Each applicant is considered individually—there is no formula. However, there are some common characteristics. Successful applicants demonstrate a genuine interest in global issues, are academically very strong students, have a desire to become more involved in community service, and can demonstrate that they will make the most of the UWC opportunity. Many also have special talents in such areas as art and music.

Is preference given to 10th or 11th graders?

No. We are looking for well-prepared and mature students from either grade.

Can I submit multiple teacher/counselor recommendations?

No. We ask for one recommendation from a teacher, one from an extra-curricular advisor, and one from your college counselor.

Can I choose which UWC to attend?

No. Applications are made to the national committee in general. Enrollment (with or without a scholarship) are awarded based on the merit ranking of the finalist candidates. However, we will take into account the preferences of each candidate when assigning the places. Thus, during the selection process candidates are asked to indicate a preference order of the colleges they would like to attend so that they should seek information about them before the selection. Candidates (together with parents) should also consider the costs that may be inherent in the choice of different colleges (in the case of partial scholarships, but also of travel to and from colleges not included in scholarships to be awarded).

Do all applicants go through an interview?

No, only finalists are interviewed. The National Committee reviews all applications submitted, and selects the best candidates (finalists) for the interview phase.

Where do the interviews take place?

In-person interviews will take place in Maputo for those candidates able to attend. For candidates unable to meet in Maputo, interviews will take place via Skype.

What if I'm not offered my first choice?

If you are offered a spot at a UWC campus, you cannot change the location. If the location is not satisfactory, you may decline the offer—you'll have approximately one week to make your decision. If you decline, we will offer your spot to a student from the waitlist.

At the end of the two years, are those selected to attend a UWC are forced to return to Mozambique or can they continue their studies elsewhere?

Students are free to choose the options for their future course. Continuing post-UWC studies outside of Mozambique is undoubtedly a possibility. However, we remember that the goal of the UWC movement is not to alienate students from their home community or to be a "step" in order to have easier access to foreign universities, but to give them tools to improve the reality from which they come.

The deadline for submitting applications is now over, but I have only now become aware of the UWCs. Is there any way I can apply for this year?

Unfortunately not. It would be unfair for all candidates who submitted their applications in time to admit applications for evaluation at a later date. Check eligibility criteria as you may be eligible to apply next year.

Who can I contact if I have more questions that I could not find a reply to?

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you need more information.